Risk management

The department Risk Management is a practical and pragmatic service oriented instrument. Primarily focused to unburden its clients and to take over case management tasks, taking into account the social position of clients.

Our services include, among other things.

  • a broad range of research methodologies are used both domestic and abroad to asses and valuate interests and identify opportunities and risks;
  • acting as legal proxy;
  • legal proxy coordinator in multidisciplinary cases;
  • collection and credit management;
  • seizure and liquidation;
  • asset tracing, inventory, sequester and foreclosing;
  • act as legal custodian;
  • trace debtors, restore and maintain contact amongst others through visits to private residence;
  • obtain private proxies for the sale and supply collateral to avoid foreclosure;
  • take on management tasks regarding vacant real estate.

Local presence, global power.